Top Arabic SEO Services: Elevate Your Online Presence in the Middle East

Arabic SEO: The Key to Success in the Middle East

ClixPlus Digital is an Arabic SEO Services provider. We offer SEO for Arabic Websites for companies looking to expand in the Middle East and Mena Area.

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SEO For Arabic Website is Easy with ClixPlus

Arabic SEO is crucial for businesses targeting the Middle Eastern market, given the region’s increasing internet usage. Effective strategies need to address the Arabic language’s diversity and complexity, considering the distinct dialects, vocabularies and grammar. However, the scarcity of Arabic SEO tools and resources in languages other than English can be a barrier. Arabic SEO strategies need to resonate with cultural and religious values, including localized, high-quality content and comprehensive keyword research. With over 350 million Arabic speakers globally and less than 1% of internet content in Arabic, there’s a significant need for localized content. Arabic SEO helps increase visibility and ranking in search engine results for Arabic-speaking users and extends a business’s online reach in Arabic-speaking countries.

ClixPlus is an Arabic SEO Agency that can improve your website position in search engines. We craft the right seo strategy for every website. ClixPlus is a search engine optimization provider since 2008 and always is the right ARABIC SEO COMPANY for many companies trying to expand in the Middle East. Let’s find the right arabic keyword research (s) and perform effective on page optimization, our goal is reaching your target audience. We follow proper seo practices and follow the rules of all search engines.

Choosing the Right Arabic SEO Agency

  • Choose an Arabic SEO agency with years of experience and a proven ability to rank websites for targeted keywords in the Middle East.

  • Ensure the agency has a deep understanding of cultural differences and language nuances specific to the Arabic-speaking market.

  • Look for an agency that prioritizes developing a cohesive online marketing strategy tailored to the company’s services, audience, and regional competition.

  • Select an agency that offers continuous customer support and readily responds to all inquiries to maintain and improve SEO performance.

Expertise in Arabic Language and Culture

Native Arabic speakers are crucial for effective SEO in Arab countries because of the unique characteristics of the language and culture. This requires specific keyword research, nuanced content creation, and technical optimizations tailored to Arabic-speaking audiences. A team of SEO experts with deep understanding of the local culture of each Arab country significantly improves their ability to cater to market nuances and dialects.

Essential Arabic SEO Services

  • Localized keyword research is a crucial aspect of Arabic SEO, involving the analysis of search volume, keyword competition, and relevance specific to Arabic dialects and variations.

  • ClixPlus Arabic SEO includes is focused on  content plan that aligns with the brand’s needs, leveraging Arabic keywords and optimizing content to be culturally appropriate and clear for both users and search engines.

  • To ensure an Arabic website is optimized effectively, technical SEO must address the site’s structure, metadata, URLs, mobile-friendliness, loading speed, security, language, and encoding settings.

  • Top Arabic SEO services offer flexible packages tailored to the unique goals of each company, ensuring clients receive a personalized strategy with a commitment to long-term results.

Localized Keyword Research

At ClixPlus, comprehensive keyword research is imperative for successful Arabic SEO. With 22 countries and varying dialects to consider, it’s critical to optimize web pages for each Arabic-speaking country’s preferred spellings and search terms. Use Google Search Console’s International Targeting to help with this process.

Content Creation and Optimization

To optimize Arabic SEO, create engaging content with localized keywords, interlinked articles, and customized meta tags. Use a mix of text, images, and video to keep your audience interested and improve visibility.

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Taking Care of Technical SEO Adjustments

We will take care of Technical SEO for your website. In the Arab world, optimizing mobile SEO is crucial as 97% of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Website speed is also important for search engine ranking and user experience. We will handle encoding of Arabic websites including hreflang tags and maintain short. Hosting within the Middle East can improve site speed for local users and enhance SEO. We will host your website in our hosting servers in KSA,UAE and Bahrain.

Getting Backlinks for Arabic Websites

Link Building and Outreach

Guest Blogs

Guest blogging, where content is created for other websites in exchange for a backlink, is a key link-building strategy for Arabic SEO.


Our Outreach strategies in Arabic SEO include individual contact within the niche to promote content that warrants a backlink, as well as utilizing regional forums for engagement

Arabic Directories

We have a range of Arabic Website Directories that can boost your positions in Google Serps in Arab Nations.

Arabic NewsPapers

Acquiring relevant links from Arabic news publishers not only boosts domain rank but also complements overall SEO efforts for Arabic content

Benefits of our Arabic SEO Services


You will be able to connect with folks from the Middle East.


Arabic SEO means tapping into more Middle East countries.

Buy Power

Arabic Websites will yield more buying power from Gulf Nations.

Google Likes

The more international your website is, the more Google will reward you.

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International companies are moving to UAE and Saudi Arabia. Websites in English do not capture a significant portion of the market due to not being localized for Arabic. ClixPlus can help by adding Arabic to your website and offering Arabic content, SEO, paid ads, and website design.

Few Good Reasons to work with us
Arabic Speakers

Only Arabic speakers are allowed to generate and write Arabic content. They know how to connect with the Middle East.

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Hand Written

Automated translation and writing services lower content quality; we hand-write.

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Culture Experts

We incorporate culture into the mix. Arabic is not only a language, but also a culture.

Arabic SEO Services Most Asked Questions

Arabic SEO FAQ's

  • Google Analytics is a powerful tool for tracking website traffic and performance, which can be used for Arabic sites.

  • Monitoring website position in search results for different countries in the Middle East is crucial to understand ranking improvements in targeted countries.

  • Arabic SEO agencies can provide detailed reports including country-specific keyword ranking reports, as well as traffic and conversion reports.

6 reasons why Arabic SEO is important 

1) Large Arabic-speaking audience.

2) Less competition for Arabic keywords.

3) Cultural relevance builds trust.

4) Higher conversion rates. 5) Investing now positions for market growth.

6) Conducting keyword research aligns with localized search behavior. Arabic SEO helps businesses connect with Arabic-speaking audiences and expand online presence in MENA.

Any domain will work as long as it’s not offensive. Generally, maximizing your Arabic SEO potential with the perfect Arabic domain name like .AE, .SA or .EG. All these domains can help your website perform better in their respective countries: where .sa is Saudi Arabia, .ae for the U.A.E and .eg for Egypt. All can give you an edge over other top-level domains (TLDs) like .com, .net and .org, or the new .co or Live, .info and .shop.

Here’s a guide to help you with SEO for an Arabic website:
1. Keyword Research
2. On-Page SEO
3. Content Optimization
4. Multilingual SEO
5. Mobile Optimization
6. Local SEO
7. Backlink Building
8. Technical SEO
9. Social Media Integration
10. Regular Monitoring and Analytics
11. User Experience (UX)

Arabic SEO boosts visibility, traffic, leads, sales, and revenue on Arabic search engines. It strengthens brand recognition and credibility by incorporating cultural nuances. Enhancing optimization elevates user experience and fosters repeat business. Prioritizing Arabic SEO nurtures trust and credibility with the Arabic-speaking audience.

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